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Hop: Meet Friends’ Friends


- Ask stupid questions anonymously - Get answers and HW partners in 30 secs- Chat school life, make friends, be awesome!>> Why do homework ALONE?NOT COOL to ask homework questions in chat apps.Hop is new app that makes “doing homework” a social event. It’s like group Snapchat to, but better --- you don't need to decide who's in the group first and it’s anonymous!
Snap your homework, text the problem, and press "Buzz" on Hop. Then you get everybody’s immediate attention by ringing phones. Your buzz is anonymous and will self-destruct after 30 secs, so you can ask any weird questions without a care. When your buzz is ringing on others’ phones, people compete with each other to give you hearts, and the ones who give the most become the BIGGEST FANS. You can chat with your biggest fans anonymously and get live discussion in real time. Even better, if you like a fan, just tap on the chat screen to see each other and make new friends!
>> Did you ever wonder the campus life and news from other schools?>> Did you want to make SUPER CUTE friends from other schools?
Join their stories and be part of it!
Be the biggest fan, and take part of the joy RIGHT NOW! It feels damn good like: oh a buzz rings, it’s fun so you give it a heart; suddenly you have a wicked idea that could make what’s happening more interesting and you give another heart trying to be the biggest fan; but then you realize that you have to give more hearts to prevent other s**t ideas from ruining yours, so you start giving hearts like crazy; you think “hey this app is stupid” but you can’t give up now because you have gone thus far already… omg you did it, you become the BIGGEST FAN; then you both chat and create a story together --- it’s awesome!